Gough’s Definition of Needs and His Different Categories for Basic Human Needs

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In this essay I will be looking at Gough’s definition of needs and his different categories for basic human needs, whilst briefly examining his moral argument for welfare; I will then concentrate on the Islamic republic of Iran, analysing its social security and welfare system, investigating the ways in which Iran’s government attempts to provide these rights for its citizens. This then leads me to consider the criticisms made against Iran’s government for its lack of support and the rising number of people living below the absolute poverty line.
As according to Gough’s study on human needs, human needs differ from their wants in the sense that wants are more inclusive and although an individual can be harmed as a result being denied of
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Although there are many charities currently working in order to help the less fortunate and the oppressed in Iran, fifteen million people living below the poverty line is still a shocking amount, and it leaves individuals to question the welfare system in their country.
Applying Gough’s concept of human needs to individuals in Iran, we can see by the welfare policies that the government of Iran is striving to support those in need. However, criticisms towards Iran’s government for the way in which they have dealt with the rising number of individuals suffering from absolute poverty have been made by underground political activists, through websites and illegal political meetings. As mentioned in a recent article published by ISNA, the number of people in Iran living below the absolute poverty line has now reached over fifteen million. The article further explains that living under the absolute poverty line means being unable to afford a 2,000 calorie meal a day, which fifteen million Iranians are unable to do. Nutritional food was recognised by Gough as the first basic need for human beings, and although it is the third largest supplier of oil, Iran fails to supply its citizens with this.
Overall, using Gough’s concept, we can conclude that the Iranian government fails to address even the most basic needs for its individuals and even with the
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