Gourmet Foods

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Executive summary of Gourmet: Introduction: Gourmet bakers and sweets is the top food retail chain of Lahore. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan fabled for its customer aliment and amorousness for eating. Gourmet is the number one brand in the market of bakers and sweets due to its quality and valuable services. Before 1984, Mr. Nawaz Chattha was the employee of the Shezan bakers at the post of manager. While he was doing his job, he decided to start his own business separately because he was proficient dealer, a technical supporter and maintained check and balance in every branch. Mr. Nawaz Chattha started his business from one out let in Muslim Town with bakers in 1987. After seeing the profitable…show more content…
Bakers: It includes Bread, Buns, Rusk’s, Cookies, Biscuits, Cakes, Pastries, Patties, Pizzas, Nimko, Vegetables rolls, Chicken rolls, Hot dogs, Sandwiches. Dairy Products It includes milk and ice cream products. Beverages It includes Gourmet Cola, Gourmet ice-cream soda, Apple Sidra and Gourmet Lemonade etc. Filtered Water It also offers gourmet water. Marketing Strategy and Marketing mix: Customer driven marketing strategy:

Market Segmentation: Consumers can be grouped and served in various ways based on following segmentation variables: Geographic Segmentation: Gourmet is currently in function in only one city “Lahore”. It divides Lahore in several divisions according to its customers or potential customer’s availability. Demographic Segmentation: It caters all kind of different segments in demographic segmentation within Lahore. Psychographic Segmentation: Gourmet caters every social class, especially middle class. Behavioral Segmentation: Gourmet tries to cater different occasion in Lahore like Eid, Ramadan, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day. It also believes in providing benefits to customers, their main target is to capture maximum market share by providing easy access to its customers in every
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