Governance in Non-Profit Healthcare

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Governance in Non-Profit Healthcare MGMT 640 Executive Summary Good leadership, financial management, and governance are the essentials for success in any organisation, whether the organisation is a non-profit organisation or a for-profit organisation. In non-profit healthcare the seamless interaction of all the parts makes the organisation successful as a whole. Service provided must be consistent with the goals of the organisation. Agencies and watchdogs have become even more visible seeking accountability and transparency. But how do leaders within the organisation work together to make it a success, how are they governed to achieve the goals of the organisation? In…show more content…
‘commensurate with the enormity of the challenges faced’. (Bennington, 2010) The changes in health IT, economic change, the continued need for safety, rising cost theses all contribute to the challenges that are faced. Structure At the Dimensions Healthcare Corporation, a voluntary Board of Directors governs Dimensions and each of its affiliated facilities and operations. This board of directors is committed to assuring quality care and patient safety. Members of the Board devote countless hours of service to the governance of the system and consist of the following individuals: The Honorable C. Philip Nichols, Jr., Chairman, V. Prem Chandar, M.D, Syed Sadiq,M.D. The Honorable Tawanna P. Gaines, Vice Chair, The Honorable Thomas Hendershot Benjamin Stallings, M.D, Treasurer, Elizabeth Hewlett, Esq., Bradford Seamon Board members have the unmistakable responsibility of defining and measuring the organisations success, as well as their performance methods. Objective Because of a leaner management system, this type of system is vindicated by those who contend ‘... large unwieldy boards tend to be inefficient and do not contribute positively to governance effectiveness’. (Prybril et al., 2009) The Dimensions Healthcare Systems has been achieving its primary objective, that is to provide comprehensive healthcare of the highest quality to
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