Governance of a Healthcare Setting

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Governance of a Health Care Setting: As one of the major national issues, the governance of a health care setting is an important aspect, especially for health care administrators. The significance of governing a health care setting is fueled by the existence of proper documentation regarding inadequate health care quality. This process involves the understanding that health care coverage is offered through a combination of private, public, and non-profit system. As health care administrators engage in the process, their actions have implicit and explicit implications based on legal provisions. While discharging their duties, any omissions in the conduct of these health professionals are also governed by law. Therefore, the legal system plays a critical role in the basic governance of a health care setting, especially on the roles health care administrators.

Physician-patient and Hospital-patient Relationships: One of the major cornerstones of health care services is the physician-patient relationship because it involves the data collection medium, development of diagnoses and plans, achievement of compliance, patient activation, healing, and provision of support (Goold & Lipkin, 1999, p.26). In managed care organizations, the significance of physician-patient relationship is also based on market savvy i.e. determination of individuals' decisions to join and stay with a particular organization. The importance of this relationship is evident in the fact that it has
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