Governing Methodologies: The Philosophy of Juche or Self-reliance

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Which governing methodology is the most scrupulous and lawful? A number of countries claim that they have the answer to this question, but quite frankly there are way too many philosophies and concepts for one to confidently declare that he or she possesses the key. Is it capitalism or communism or Marxism or a dictatorship, which one way of governing is the most benevolent yet firm? Comparing countries like Australia and North Korea they seem to be almost identical in terms of their governing philosophy, on the surface they both seem to exercise democracy yet on a deeper level a different supposition may be extracted.
In august 1945 Korea was divided across the 38th parallel dividing the nation into two North and South Korea. In 1948 the workers party of Korea started a communist government in North Korea known as the democratic people’s republic of Korea. The philosophy of Juche or self-reliance is the framework of the democratic people’s republic of Korea. In all actuality, North Korea functions as a single party state ruled by an absolute monarch. Today kim ll- sung is the head of north korea.

North Korea’s political system is based on centralization which means that the concentration of control or power is given to a small number of individuals. Even though the constitution guarantees the protection of human rights, a limit is placed on freedom of expression and also the government keeps a close eye on people’s lives. The constitution defines it as the dictatorship of
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