Government Aid And Government Assistance

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All across our nation we have people that are stuck in poverty, and living on some form of government assistance. The statistics are alarming. What’s even more alarming is how government assistance has become more of a way of life for some, and a standard of living for others when it should be a short term solution to all. Some people would argue that government assistance is there to help people get back up when they have fallen on hard times. They would also say that without government assistance some people would lose their will to recover from their fall, and that government assistance gives them that positive support to get them over the hump. Sadly to say that this is not how government assistance is seen or used for the most part in this country. It is greatly taken advantage of and can easily make someone who is perfectly able to earn a living get used to the free ride government assistance provides. Government assistance isn’t there to help people help themselves. It’s there to help the people who are doing minimum to nothing about their situation. There are approximately 65,100,000 people currently on government assistance in the U.S today. That includes unemployment, welfare, and food stamps. (Department of Commerce, USA) The number continues to increase as well as the amount of people who stay on it to collect its benefits year after year. Why would someone stay on government assistance you might ask? Well for example: In order for a person to qualify for
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