Government And Absolute Law Essay

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Government and Statute Law
1a. True
b. False
c. True
d. True
e. True
2. The constitutional models of Great Britain and the United Sates were rejected at the time of confederation because in the United States they have a Constitution and Bill of Rights. John A. Macdonald saw this, but the United States was also fighting a civil war and he believed it was because the states had too much power and the government not enough. In Great Britain they use a one level, or unitary government system, but due to Canada’s size this system would not work.
3. The four key elements added in the new Canadian Constitution Act, 1982 were the principle of equalization, clarification of responsibility for natural resources, the amending formula and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The
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The bill is now officially a law
b. The bill dies
c. The bill now goes to another house, usually the Senate.
d. The bill dies
6. A bill can be introduced in Senate but is usually introduced in the House of Commons, after a bill is passed in the House of Commons it is then put though a first reading to provide information, a second reading is for debate and the third reading is to introduce the bill in the Senate. The bill is then voted on. The Senate can defeat bills, send for revisions and pass them.
7. The senate is criticized because it is considered the house of sober second thought. People say that nonelected members of the Senate should not interfere with the will of the elected House of Commons, some people even want to abolish the Senate.
8. The Governor General is the Queen’s Crown representative in Canada, to enact legislature the Governor General ascents to the bill and declares it a force.
9. Lobby groups influence law-making as they draw public attention to a cause, they participate in marches, protests, letter writing and petitions and slowly convince/influence legislators to support the cause and some end up making enough commotion to get a bill brought to the House of
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