Government And Political Communication . Issue: Marriage

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Government and Political Communication Issue: Marriage Equality Introduction Same sex marriage or in other terms Marriage equality can easily be defined as a marriage conducted between tow individuals of same sex which is either conducted in a civil setting or a religious. The essay shall account various stake holders such as Australian Government, Organisation working for marriage equality, LGBT group and the prospective view of Religious groups. The Essay shall also account on how Government and Political communication plays a pivotal role in formation of new policies and how the stake holders affects the procedure of policy making. Public Sphere According to Habermas (citation) Öffentlichkeit or public sphere is an…show more content…
Political communication includes study and analysis of speeches of politicians and individuals who are trying to influence the political process. Political communication further includes formal and informal conversation among the members of public. Media both main platform and social media act as a platform between the government and public. Political communication can be best described as the connection between the politics and its citizens and the medium which connects both the group to each other. Government Communication is the communication that takes place between the governing body of the nation and its various institution in order convey the message to the public. Government communication is a one way communication whereas, Political communication is a two way communication where the public and the politicians can both communicate with the common platform such as main platform media and social media. Australian Government on Same Sex Marriage Same-Sex unions in Australia are considered as de facto unions under the Australian Federal law However, according to the federal government every Australian State and territory is capable and permitted to create their own law in regard to same sex relationship registers and same sex partnership schemes. Under the Federal Marriage Act (1961) Same sex couples are prohibited from marrying since 2004 amendment which was passed by
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