Government And Political Thought : The Act Of Decolonization Essay

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Decolonizing Government and Political Thought The act of decolonization revolves around the notion that people, who have experienced a form of colonialism, return to the lifestyles they originally practiced before colonialism. While a great focus of decolonization is put on; culture, gastronomy, religion, and spirituality, pre-colonial forms governments have not been thoroughly explored. This however, shouldn’t be a surprise because most of the pre-colonial practices have been lost due to colonial forces. The current political climate has incited a lot of tension, hate and instability for several groups and their allies. Hence, there must be new ways of understanding how government and politics can be influenced using decolonized methods that favor stability. The decolonized methods that will be explored in this study are; complementation, sovereignty, and discussion and such will be tailored to adapt and be taught in the current political spectrum. The most common way decolonization has been practiced is through medicine. Patrisia Gonzales, professor as the University of Washington, has gathered her knowledge in traditional indigenous medicine published her findings in a book entitled Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing. Although the purpose of this study is not about medicine, Gonzales uses several decolonized methods in her teachings that can be applied to the current political spectrum. Gonzales employs the notion that Mexican

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