Government And The American Civil War

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Government was a threat to individuals based on policies that they were forced to adhere to centered around such conflicts as the American civil War. If the individuals were to refuse, then there was punishment that may not have always been fitting in relation to the actions of the individual. The Age of Jefferson involved the Republican Party and was built around state rights. The federal government was a threat to white farmers and individuals. In order to stop, they wanted authority to rest within individual states. Early in American history many Americans believed there was a negative relationship between government and the individual’s state rights. Jefferson placed blacks in a separate category. Jefferson supported gradual freedom, training these slaves to survive on their own. He colonized the African American slaves, because if freed on their own from slave owners their chance of survival would be slim. Jefferson wanted to end slavery but inherited hundreds of slaves and many acres of land creating two separate plantations. He had such growing debt but needed these slaves to pay off what was left for him including his two plantations from his father’s will. If he did not have slaves, he would loose all his assets. He was a lifelong supporter of ending the slave trade and as President he attacked British for sponsoring slave trade. He banned importation of slaves into the Virginia colony. Slavery was apart of the Civil War. It violated individual rights. The south
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