Government And The Government Of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Like many other countries of the world, Bangladesh government has also three organs; and the three organs are the combination of the government of Bangladesh. These three organs are the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. In order to run government, the three organs or branches of government has some relationship with one another. But the thinking matter of that if the three branches have very close relationship than there create a disorder of the government and it may be harmful for our democracy. The government by his only one hand doesn’t keep a good concentration of all the branches, if the three branches has separate power and separate in their all activities ;than they will do their all action more efficiency and more effectively. When govt. is less people and confront in activities than the political freedom may be established we think. So, the activities of government are scatter or decentralized by different persons or department in order to perform more frequency; so that every department of government has gained the freedom and no department can overlap their power to other department. In Bangladeshi context, how much separation of power is established, I wish to work about this. In Bangladesh, after the started of parliamentary government the principles of the separation of power didn’t effect .Because; the ministries were the members of legislature. The executive and the legislature were the closely related. But the judiciary is the
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