Government Assistance For Needy Families

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In life things do not always go as planned, we run into some rough patches. For example, one can suddenly get fired from their job but that does not stop the bills from rolling in especially when there is a family to take care of, in situations like this financial help can really be useful. Welfare programs like the “ temporary assistance for needy families” purpose is give money to a group of parents and dependent children living together in a household. Another way that the government has been helping is by offering food stamps, food stamps provide a monthly wage to help keep the family in need feed. Unfortunately many will be cut off from food stamp in 2016 because the waivers have expired, as many as a million people will no longer receive it. There are those that believe government assistance is making a mistake with these welfare programs. After doing some research, their reason for feeling this way is because they think that it is making people in these programs more dependent saying “they will no longer wish to work because they won 't receive the profits gained from the governments help anymore.” Even though there are some that take advantage of the help they receive, helping the less fortunate is priority number one. Most forms of government welfare should not be abolished because it offers assistance for those in need.
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