Government Budget

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Expenditures and Revenues Matrix and Summary Federal State Local Major Role Making laws relating to domain of Constitution Collecting revenue Industrial relations Revenue collection Law enforcement Education Municipality administration and development Expenditure Item Transfer payments Social Security Medicare Law enforcement Education Infrastructural and facilities development and maintenance Revenue Item 1 Payroll Taxes Income Tax Property Taxes Revenue Item 2 Income Taxes Transfers Transfers Revenue Item 3 Corporate Taxes Sales and gross Taxes Sales and gross Taxes The Federal revenue sources enumerated above are just some of the means through the US Government makes money. Payroll taxes are federal or state…show more content…
On the contrary, “…those states that allocated relatively large levels of resources to one programme also allocated a relatively large level of resources to the other programme. Moreover, when spending on correctional programs is substituted for total spending on crime, this same result appears in most cases as well: those states with relatively high resource commitments to education programs also provide relatively high resource commitments to correctional programs” (Marlow, Shiers, 1997). Transfers, or intra-government transfer payments, is when the Federal government pays the State government through various programs, also known as grants. Non-matching transfer can be either selective (conditional) or general (unconditional). The former is funds granted for a specific purpose, such as the procurement of new vehicles for law enforcement officers, which almost exactly match budget and need. The latter is without this stipulation and is without a specific objective or rather can be utilized toward any means, such as a grant given to a State that would utilize it for supporting many ventures in a region in order to stimulate its economy. This is a significant portion of revenue of State to mitigate fiscal gaps: the difference between fiscal needs and fiscal capacity. Sales and gross taxes are indirect taxes in that they are on goods and services
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