Government Control And Procedural Guarantees

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1. Regulated capitalism is private ownership with some government control and procedural guarantees. While social democracy is mostly private ownership but extensive government control with substantive and procedural guarantees. An example of how the government regulates an aspect of our economy is the FDA. In a regulated capitalism the owner of a cupcake industry owns the factory but has regulations it must meet according to the FDA. Compared to a social democracy the state would own the factory because it is public property, instead of one individual and would also need to meet FDA requirements.
2. Negative freedom: freedom from influenced by other people, positive freedom: the possession of the power and resources to fulfill one 's own potential. Using immigration policy as a specific issue, listed are examples of positive freedom and negative freedom. Positive freedom allows more government for econ. issues. Less gov. – moral/social issues. Progressive vs traditional. Helps one become and American. Negative freedom has less gov. towards econ. issues, more government when it comes to moral/social issues, more traditional than progressive, and more broader regulations.
3. Equality doesn’t mean justice; it means equal treatment with equal outcomes. An example of conservative equality is our traditional school system. Where students are all taught the same way, i.e. equal treatments that are believed to have equal outcomes. An example of liberal equality is our modern day

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