Government Control Diets

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In the 1980s the adult obesity rate in America was 12.8%, it has nearly tripled, now at a whopping 34.9%. That means that “78.6 million of U.S adults are obese” (Adult Obesity Facts). With obesity rates on the rise should we allow the government to control our diets? Based on the information gathered it seems like it is the worst choice for the U.S. If I were in a position in which I had to choose between letting and not letting the government control my diet, not letting the government control my diet is the obvious choice. Not only for my body, but for the freedoms that would be restricted. In this paper we will see the why and why we shouldn’t let the government control our diets, and how it can or cannot work. Obesity is a disease, though…show more content…
However, there are not very many laws/amendments that protect us against the government controlling how we utilize/treat our bodies. When researching I only stumbled across the right to privacy. As stated by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) the right to privacy is: “- not mentioned in the Constitution, but the Supreme Court has said that several of the amendments create this right…..[these] amendments protect our freedom to make certain decisions about our bodies and our private lives without interference from the government-”. This means that the government does not have the right to control what we eat, where we eat, and when we eat. The government must respect our right to privacy due to the fact that the Supreme Court stated that we have a right to privacy, therefore it must be followed because the Supreme Court rulings are the “law of the land” as stated in the Constitution-the foundation of…show more content…
If we were to allow the government to restrict and ban what food we eat and put in our bodies we turn from a democracy, morphing into the very system we send America soldiers to fight against. We would not be a free society, a society where “…people are entitled to live as they deem fit, especially in their personal lives-” (Bakst) a.k.a the right to privacy. Bakst furthers the support that we have basic rights (rights to privacy) that cannot be denied in a free society, a society like our own. If the government were to interfere we would no longer be a free society that we preach to third world/developing countries. Not only are there freedoms being threatened, there is no substantial proof that government intervention is successful at reducing obesity rates. Despite having teams of the top scientist in the nation there is no nutrition expert or scientist on this planet-let alone our nation- who will say that the government controlling our diets will do anything to change the prevalence of obesity in American citizens. In 2008 the government implemented a tax on sugary drinks in New York however, this had an extremely limited effect on obesity rates. Abdukadirov states
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