Government Control Over Surveillance

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In today’s society we are being watched way too much. Some of the times we are being watched, we know about it and other times, we don’t. The government, with a few clicks of a button, can watch what websites you go to, your text messages, even the pictures you send to your grandmother last Christmas, without your knowledge of them doing so. They hold too much power over surveillance of U.S. citizens. There are plenty of incidents where the NSA (National Security Agency) was caught taking files of citizens’ messages, incoming and outgoing phone calls. Governmental “surveillance” is going too far, and now it seems like they are watching you at every corner. It is overwhelming. The government has a great deal of control over surveillance because they can watch anyone through cameras, messages, and spy on people through the data from phone companies all over.
Cameras are
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The government can easily go through your messages and emails that you have sent so they can get your location and to pull up personal information. The messages you think are secure are not. If the government wants information on you badly enough, they will dig into your sent messages and have people one step ahead of you. Remember that “big brother” is always watching you. Just like in the book, The Codebreaker, the Puppet Master talks about how the government is and says “It’s time for both of us to collect some observation data. I'll do it for fun” (Petry 2). The government and the Puppet Master have the watching over people together. When you think about cases where the government can pull up messages you send to people in court, they do not get the information from you directly, they get it indirectly from your phone history. They can also pull your call log, the duration of the call, where you called from and much more. The government has such an ease of access to our personal
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