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Today, society is affected by the many advances in technology. These advances affect almost every person in the world. One of the prevalent advances in technology was the invention and mass use of the Internet. Today more than ever, people around the world use the Internet to support their personal and business tasks on a daily basis. The Internet is a portal into vast amounts of information concerning almost every aspect of life including education, business, politics, entertainment, social networking, and world security. ( Although the Internet has become a key resource in developing the world, the mass use of Internet has highlighted a major problem, privacy and the protection of individual, corporate, and even government…show more content…
Over the course of the next twenty years it was mainly utilized by the United States military and government to communicate with each other during the “cold war” with the Soviet Union, and the allies of the United States. By 1982 the concept and use of the Internet had been reshaped by the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS). ( The idea eventually evolved and was adapted by the United States in 1986, when the Internet Protocol Suite expanded and began to provide access to supercomputer sites for research and educational organizations. The internet further evolved by the mid-1990’s into the mass commercial use we see today, with many early use restrictions lifted. Since then the Internet has continued to expand and continues to advance. ( The Internet’s continuous advancement has produced the need for an on-going debate on whether or not the government should have the power to control the Internet. The idea of the government having control over what each country’s citizens can see on the Internet is also called Internet Censorship. Internet Censorship “is the control or suppression of the publishing of, or access to information on the Internet.” Internet Censorship varies from country to country depending on each country’s current usage and philosophy of how it should be used. ( Currently, there are ten countries including

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