Government Controlling Thought

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Many countries believe that the use of propaganda helps to institute a necessary level of patriotism in their citizens. Most countries that use propaganda have an authoritarian form of government, the type of government that is shown in 1984. However, the use of propaganda also limits the freedom of people since propaganda can be used to control thought and speech. Propaganda can scare people into believing that the government is trying to appear to be the best country by either exaggerating the positive events that are happening in their country or by showing negative events that are happening in other countries. Orwell’s 1984 is more about the dangers of the government controlling thought by propaganda than the dangers of an…show more content…
The proles never learn how to form thoughts by themselves since the Oceanic government controls what they can read or watch and they accept what they the government tells them. However, their bodies are strong because they are separated from the corruption occurring in Oceanic’s government because they live away from the center of Airstrip One, the prominent city of the government of Oceania. Winston’s attitude towards resistance conveys that thought hinders resistance since some people could think about rebellion without acting on the thought. The proles may be more willing to rebel since they do not have the thought process that could hinder the rebellion. Propaganda controls thought by hiding the truth that the government does not want the citizens to know about. The Oceanic government hides the truth through “the memory hole to be devoured by flames” (Orwell 40). Any written media that is contradictory to the accepted beliefs of the Oceanic government is destroyed through the memory holes. Therefore, the Oceanic citizens do not know what the truth is and believe that the Oceanic government is always right since the government does not allow any evidence to prove that they are not as powerful as the Oceanic citizens want to believe they are. The people who work in the Ministry of Truth where the memory holes exist also conclude that
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