Government Corruption : Exposing The Truth

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Chase Kleine
English 1020
Mr. Stevens
December 1, 2014
Government Corruption Exposing the Truth
What is one world problem that can be reduced drastically by citizens of the world? That would be political and governmental corruption. Some countries it may be easier to have a impact than others like in America and that is why as an American citizen taking the most steps that we can to help this problem is not just our right but our duty. In the United States contrary to the average citizens conditioning towards the government corruption isn’t really as bad compared to many countries. But no matter the size a problem it remains what it is, a problem. Through the research that I have done I believe there is many ways as a people we can reduce the substantial issue around the world. It will take a great deal of help from law makers, politicians, teachers, the media, and most importantly the everyday citizen.In order to work towards a solution it is imperative to have a sound background and prospective from a world view.
A little girl barely of age to attend school lies in a hospital bed fading from life while her mom and dad desperately plead with doctors to give her the meds that she needs, but because of out of control corruption the doctors have no access to the medicines needed to treat this sick girl. This situation is just an average day throughout many African nations such as Liberia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria due to humanitarian packages full of medical supplies being
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