Government, Democracy, Authoritarianism And More

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Over the years, people have been witnesses of different forms of government such as monarchy, democracy, authoritarianism and more. All these forms of government, different from each other due to their views, goals, role in the history and more important on the role of the population. The fight for establishing the perfect type of government still going on nowadays. The role of the government is the fundamental element in determining the type of regime. However, today I am going to be more concentrated in one of the forms of government which is the dictatorship and I am going to stretch on what result from this type of government. The first element that results from the dictatorship regime is the political instability. The political instability can be a devastating element in the development of a country. It is really difficult to exploit the real potential of a country under an unstable climate. The knowing of a sudden change of regime at any moment can be devastating to a country. A country such as the Democratic Republic of Congo which after the coup to his first, second and third president find itself in a difficult politically position. Even after obtaining his independence in 1960 from the Belgium colonist, the DRC rapidly saw his first president being taken down by a military coup and its population being slowly the witness of the birth of the dictatorship regime in their own territory. The birth of the dictatorship regime resulted in a series of militaries
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