Government Differences In The Government Of Rome And Rome

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Rome had a government that was often in flux, as different challenges were faced throughout the reign of their empire. Carthage too had many ways that the government was organized and built upon. Rome and Carthage, however, had vast differences in their style of governance as well. In the following short paragraphs, Rome and Carthage’s government differences will be discussed. First, the Roman government shared some similarities to the Carthaginian government, however, there were also many differences. The Roman government, on a very basic level was different then the Carthaginian government. The Romans had a temporary dictator that could be called on if needed when there was a crisis in terms of warfare. This dictator could only be…show more content…
The voting system was along tribal lines. There were also tribal assemblies that decided on localized matters within the tribe. These had both rich and poor in them. In this way, although not quite a democracy, more citizens were being heard than in other countries or cities (Wasson 2017, Para. 10-12). This was how the Roman government was set up. Second, the Carthaginian government had some different practices from the Roman government. One of these practices was that they did not have a temporary dictator like Rome had. Also, the Senate in Carthage does seem to have had legislative power. They also had to agree with their two magistrates running the country about a certain decision or they had to pass the vote on to the popular assembly. Many of the responsibilities of the Senate also focused heavily on war (Cartwright, 2016, Para. 2-4). There were also special Senate members who were the magistrates or the ones making and analyzing the laws. Almost all positions were only available in terms of ruling for a short time. This was an attempt to curb corruption, although, it did not help as much as had been hoped (Cartwright, 2016, Para. 5-7). In terms of the Assembly, all that is known about it is that people had to be citizens and male to join, and their main responsibilities were to vote on laws among other items that were passed down to them from the senate and the magistrates. They also helped elect some of the positions in the government. Carthage
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