Government Drones

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"The thought of government drones buzzing overhead and constantly monitoring the activities of law –abiding citizens runs contrary to the notion of what it means to live in a free society" says senator Charles Grassley on a topic that is in very high controversy (Quattlebaum1).Having the sanctity of our own privacy in households and backyards is an entitlement that we all are gifted with, but many people are having that privacy tarnished with a new creation sweeping the country-Drones. Domestic use of drones is raising concerns about privacy and fourth amendment violations in many states and cities. Privacy is only one of the concerns of these drones.Many drones are found crashing into buildings and trees and are considered a huge safety hazard…show more content…
In fact it was a drone, hired by a real estate agent to take photos of the property next door to her house . Lingard was later horrified to discover a picture the drone had taken showing her mostly naked body in billboard real estate ads"(Smith16). Many people are wondering if overhead drones controlled by a police officer or even a neighbor violates privacy and especially our Fourth Amendment right of unreasonable searches and seizures. Jay Stanley of the A.C.L.U has found his place on these battery powered invaders when he states "We don’t want the government hovering over our cities and towns 24/7 and tracking everywhere that everyone goes"(17). Stanley is definitely not the only concerned citizen on the issue.The drones can be the size of birds to nearly three ton monsters. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont makes the same point when he states "This fast emerging technology is cheap and could pose a threat to the privacy and civil liberties of millions of is another example of a fast-changing policy area on which we need to focus to make sure that modern technology is not used to erode Americans rights to
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