Government Essay : The Proper Role Of Government

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The proper role of government is one that does not take total control and instead gives control to the people. There are several things that would make a government's role a proper one. Some of these things are the economic system, the way they treat their citizens and the basic quality of life in the country. Different governments run their countries in different ways and they change how well the country runs. The proper role of government is capitalism because it gives the most freedom to the people. An important factor in how well the government works is their economic system. The three main economic systems are Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism.. communism is an economic system that has a ruler that stays in power and doesn’t leave until they step down or they die. In this economic system the government has near total control. They control people’s jobs, wages, and rations of food and supplies. This situation has several different pros and cons to it. Some of the pros are that the people will have equal pay so there are no rich or poor. The government controls everything so there will be no competition between jobs as everyone makes the same amount of money. There will be no discrimination because the government regulates everything. While communism works in theory, it fails in practice. Several assumptions must be made when one supports Communism. These assumptions spell the defeat of Communism. One of these assumptions is that the government is selfless and will

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