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Dear to whom this is concerning, I am here by writing this essay to explain, how these organizations in the United States such as the MADD, LULAC, and NAACP can educate and help our fellow citizens of America change laws that might well need to be changed. As well as explaining the common interest these groups are concerned with. First you might ask what is the MADD and what do those letters stand for? Well I will tell you MADD is a lobby group for drinking and driving and they’re a huge organization throughout North America. MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and they’re main goal is to prevent people from drinking and driving because it is a huge killer in Canada and US. MADD has helped save more than 268,000 lives…show more content…
I find these few organizations very important in everyone's lives, because if it wasn't for the NAACP or LULAC. African Americans and Hispanics would not be treated as equals today. The world would not be in its place today, it would be run differently. America would not be a free country as it is today. An because of such organization like these United States has the most immigrants than any other country, and we are proud of that. If such organizations did not exist today , laws that we have now would not exist as well. That is why I say we need to keep these sorts of organizations strong and be members in them, organization like these are the ones that want to improve life in the community.. Comparing the relationship of the following constitutional democracy, MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving helped form laws. This happened within a constitutional democracy where citizens speak and senators and representatives listen to the voice of the people. Authoritarian and Totalitarian also ties in with MADD, LULAC and NAACP. Authoritarian/Totalitarian is any kind of government where rights are granted by government and are taken away. The many are ruled by the one or the few. The rulers can do whatever they want and the majority have to obey all rules, and have no say in anything. Authoritarianism is

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