Government Failure And Market Failure

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Government failure and Market Failure Introduction Regulations imposed by the government in any economy determine the market efficiency and growth. Policies and laws governing the flow of goods and out flow determined the internal trade affairs. When the government formulates policies and regulations, which is the market conducive, efficiency is enhanced. In such instances, the outcomes of the market yields can be predicted. Such ability of the policies and regulations to enhance efficiency in the markets can be enabling the government to have prior arrangements and plans concerning future economic goals. On the other hand, as the governing body there is a need to establish the effectiveness of the current policies in enhancing marketing efficiency. However, there is a need to establish the criteria for determining the correctness and effectiveness of the regulations which are to be set. Governing body should intervene in the control of the market regulations though independent bodies and private sectors should be involved in such regulations formulations. Many economies, such the United states and United Kingdom, the government has the power to intervene in the market policies. When the market fails in such instances, the government is blamed for the failure. The modern economies advocates for more freedom of choice in the formulation of regulations of the markets. Others concentrate on the efficiency of the policies and regulations in the achievement of the market goals.
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