Government In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Phil Gramm once said “Government is not the generator of growth; working people are.” A functioning government is one which has role of survival to be successful and work smoothly to provide good for the people. We the people are what operates and takes pride in society, the community of people surviving around us. Human’s hard work, dedication, aspiration, and courage is what control government, not a set of rules to follow. We are responsible, for the kind of place we want to live in. Some may argue that a strong, functioning government is necessary for the survival of society; however, that is false for many reasons. Firstly, government does not impose all limitations. Secondly, people have the right to make their own decisions, and thirdly, the breakup of government leads to a happy ending. Therefore, a strong functioning government is not necessary for the survival of society.
Firstly, government put limits, but not all limits. There are many injustices occurring in society, which government for many of them has …show more content…

Ralph, who tries to keep all of the boys structured, organized, and civilized and holds assemblies to make decisions as a group creates a government within their community. As the story progresses, the basic needs of survival and mutual agreements disappear, causing their one big group to divide into two. Ralph eventually ends up alone, and little to none government remains on the island. Happily, by one’s action they all get rescued. Human needs, own ideas and thoughts, one’s own right pathway, can go against government’s or other’s views and still bring success. Even with the destruction of government on the island most the boys were able to make it home. Others may say that Golding proves the necessity for government; however, that is wrong for numerous reasons. The shattering of the government on the island still reached them to happy

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