Government Incentives on Biofuel: An Argumentative Essay

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Abstract Biofuel is a much useful and creative invention. It has eased the pressure of fuel requirements but many argue this pressure has been decreased in a cruel way. The study focuses on discussing the various aspects of how the Government incentives on biofuel are raising the food prices. Introduction Biofuel is a type of energy which can be derived from biomass, animal waste and most controversially from renewable plants. Biofuel is used as a substitute for oil and other energies. The reasons for the growing fame of biofuel is both negative and positive as it is an alternative form of energy for the government and makes their life easy, on the other hand biofuel has made people life miserable by causing a raise in food prices. Biofuel is currently present in many different forms including Biodiesel, Bioethanol and Biogas. Biodiesel as it name depicts is a substitute for diesel and in its purified form it can be used as a fuel for vehicles. It is made from oilseeds, vegetable oil and sometimes from animal fats. Bioethanol is used instead of petrol; it is very useful now days as the demand for petrol and its price are equally high. Fulfilling that high demand of petrol by biofuel form of bioethanol has raised many questions and it has brought many people on streets because bioethanol is made from cereal based and starch crops. The heavy use of these ingredients has raised the prices of food to an uncontrollable extent. Biogas is a form of substitute for natural gas

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