Government Initiatives for Affordable Housing

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Government initiatives for affordable housing: The deputy prime minister office has defined the modern method of construction as a method to produce better quality home in quick span of time. The housing corporation that is sponsored by the deputy prime minister office spends £1.6 billion every year on building new homes with a 25% percent target consisting of the modern methods of construction. The English partnerships and the Department of Trade and Industry encourages and promotes the use of modern methods of construction. The National Audit Office Study conducted (November, 2005) aimed to promote the wider usage of offsite construction methods and its further improvement. The report has analysed specifically about the housing sector due to the interest of the housing corporation. The report revealed the amount of time and labour savings that can be done with help of the modern construction methods. The cost and quality are the most important factors that influence the quality of life. Housing is the major investment for most households (Burchell and Listoken, 1995).When the housing becomes unaffordable or unhealthy, it can affect the educational, financial and emotional wellbeing of a family (Bratt, 2002). The previous use of offsite construction solutions: Although off site construction technology has been successfully used in various sectors of construction including housing, it has not become a permanent change in the construction industry. The first off site

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