Government Interference in Soverign Affairs

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Without peace keepers like your local police department, your city would be chaotic. Police officers interfere in domestic conflict to prevent further issues. This happens on a much larger scale quite often. communication, of other countries, though they are sometimes uninvited. When a government has interest in a country, whether they are allies or simply have the same ethnic or cultural origins, they feel the need or right to support and defend that country against antagonists. Not many people agree with intrusion in another country’s sovereign affairs, but it can be admissible. Interference in another country’s sovereign affairs is often necessary and justifiable. A country’s government can have any number of reasons to pursue helping…show more content…
Based on these standards, the 3 current world powers are Russia, China, and the United States; the United States being number 1 and Russia being third. These 3 countries widely affect everything. If the U.S. market or China’s import-export kingdom crumbled, other countries could fall into serious problems. Throughout time, world powers have made their moves, and many others have followed. On October 4, 1957, Russia launched the Soviet R-7 intercontinental ballistic missile into space. This began the space race. Many other countries started researching, and building satellites and shuttles for space exploration, but the main competition was between the U.S. and Russia. Russia put many countries in motion to start a space program. Based on this information, you may be thinking, ‘Can these countries can interfere and influence others just because they are more advanced?’ This is not always the case, and sometimes interference is not even by a world power country. Any country’s government can interfere in conflict if they have the right legal footing. If a government were to have a signed legal document from one hundred years ago that says they can intervene in the in the signing country’s affairs, they would have to respect it, unless new terms were set. Some countries may have many reasons to obstruct in another country’s

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