Essay about Government Intervention

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Government Intervention

For many nations, it is essential to choose a system of organization that successfully and thoroughly meets the needs of all the people. While some countries have supported the idea of communism and strong government intervention in the economy, others have limited the role and power of their governing body in the marketplace. For instance, in the United States, the government has a small role in the planning and monitoring of their economy. Individuals compete heavily against one another to receive the maximum profit for themselves in an sufficient manner. The former USSR, on the other hand, used large amounts of government control to restrict competition and control the output and distribution of the goods
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For instance, in 1988, the U.S. was confronted with high inflation and decreased consumer spending. While prices rose quickly, the nation's people began to save their money, rather than invent it in the economy. It was President Ronald Reagan's ideas to reduce the government's involvement in the situation that helped to improve economic conditions. By cutting taxes to increase consumer spending, and by restricting the supply of money in the economy, he reduced the inflation from 13% to 4%. Instead of actively taking part in controlling all aspects of the economy, the government helped to solve the problem of inflation through limited involvement in the situation. The nation's people were still free to make their own economic decisions, and by reducing the taxes, citizens were able to spend more in the market. With more money begin invested in the economy and in individually owned business, there was also a demand for in the economy and individually owned businesses, there was also a demand for workers to produce the goods that the consumers now desired. By taking little government action, Regan stirred the economy, decreased unemployment involvement was necessary in the repairing of the country's economy, the amount of state control was limited. Although the United States Successfully dealt with their economic problem in 1988 with
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