Government Intervention in the Free Market Essay

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It is not only unnecessary for the government to intervene to maintain a free market, it is extremely wrong. Intervention by any outside party in corporate matters is inappropriate and basically contradicts the meaning of a free market. There are some positive effects government intervention could produce. These pros are, in fact, few, and questionable, at that. Take for instance, the situation with Microsoft. The government is sticking its nose in where it doesn't belong. Let's try and get passed that point for a moment and examine the good that could come out of government intervention. One possible pro to this intervention is that it would most likely create a more equal market (not "fair market.") The term "fair market" is like an…show more content…
Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. What does that mean? It means that I am struggling to buy a 1994 Ford Explorer, and Bill Gates, wellhe can buy Ford (and GM and Daimler Chrysler and anything else he wants.) Big deal. He has economic power. Economic power is the power to produce and it requires intellect. Bill Gates works hard and is a very wealthy man. He still has no political power. He still has no military power. Political and military powers are the power to enforce and punish. Gates has no such power. He is a smart man who found Harvard boring and dropped out to start a small computer business out of a garage. Bill Gates made it to the top and now the government wants to take it away from him. It is morally wrong. That is a con to government intervention. It is just plain wrong. How can the government take something that someone worked hard to earn? I know what you're thinking"don't they do that to me every April?" Very funny but lets be serious here. There is no reason for the government to intervene in cases like this. Bill Gates did not use hostile takeovers, price gauging or any cut throat tactics to get to where he is. He simply had the best product around and it caught on incredibly well. Gates provides all of his applications- a web browser, a word processor, a database, a spreadsheet and more at a fair price (about 5% of the cost of a PC.) Maybe smaller companies can't afford to give so much away at
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