Government Looking At Clean Up Online Gambling Sector

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Article 29 – Maltese Government looking to clean up online gambling sector

It is the scandal that has rocked the online casino world, with many keeping their eyes peeled to online casino portals in order to see the latest news. Malta has for a long time been home of some of the world’s leading online casino brands, but a corruption investigation into money laundering has threated to bring it all crashing down. In the wake of the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) has spoke up to say that they wish to reform the industry on a whole later this year.

What has made Malta so appealing to online casino developers and operators is the fact that the nation is rather relaxed when it comes to legislation. The problem is that this has gone to create more problems than it has solutions over time. That is until now, as the MGA is looking to clean up the nations image and modernise gambling laws. According to Jose Herrera (Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Competitive and Economic Growth) the gambling laws in the country will be brought before parliament this November. This announcement comes hot on the heels of a prior report from the MGA that said that it has been trying to push through reforms for over two years.

In many ways it is the famous hands off approach from Malta that has led to the issues and the need for reform. The country’s low tax approach has allowed many operators to start operations without any real background checks taking place. This move may increase the level of…

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