Government Of Florida, A State Government Essay

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This case study will assess the government of Florida, a state government. It will touch on several important issues such as providing a general overview of how the government functions and what resources it provides, as well as some current issues the State of Florida is facing in government administration. Because the State of Florida is a state government, it tends to “resemble the national government in composition and organization of their executive branch agencies” (Milakovich, 2013, p. 21). The work and services provided by the State of Florida include services for children and families, such as services concerning adoption, child abuse, children with disabilities, food stamps, and marriage/divorce. They also provide services involving colleges and universities, courts and corrections, environmental and wildlife preservation/protection, healthcare administration, highway patrol and safety, utility regulations, transportation, revenue (taxes), and a host of other areas. In order to pay for all of the services which they provide, Governor Rick Scott has created a budget of $78.4 billion for the state of Florida in the 2015-2016 fiscal year (Scott, 2016, p. 13). This budget also includes the employment of 113,687 people who compromise the total state workforce (Scott, 2016, p. 14). A crucial role in the State of Florida is the role of citizen participation. Citizen participation and community engagement play an extremely important part in a democratic
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