Government Of Indi Government And Private Firms

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Healthcare industry in India is handling by both government and private firms, which are focusing more on rural public because of the improper facilities like shelter, water and food. There is a possibility to have more problems in rural areas, apart from the urban people who are prone to suffer with hypertension, diabetics and ulcer related problems due to the dietary habits in day today life. Healthcare system is more costlier and much needed industry these days because of the above said reasons. Health insurance is playing a vital role in India which covers hospitalization and emergency costs for the patients both in government and private sector hospitals. Healthcare expenses are much cheaper in India comparing with other countries…show more content…
US Healthcare system US Healthcare system is the most expensive and complex system across the world, doctors will attend training in various levels in US Healthcare system for better results. The cost of the medicines are so expensive as lot of tests, research and developments will include to finalize it. ( US Healthcare systems also have both public and private insurers and most of the market share is of private insurers over public insurers. Both government and private firms are taking responsibility of financing the Healthcare centre’s. The financing in Healthcare is in two streams as money for Healthcare and the reimbursement. Payroll tax is on both employers and employees in US to finance medicare and both business and individuals pay income tax to the government. Tax subsidy is the major cost to the government in US where tax free health insurance benefits to the employees as the cost can be deducted as business cost by the employers. (chua, 2006) Controlling cost of Healthcare system is extremely difficult in US because of the improvement in technology and modern life. Across the world they are facing ageing of population, exploring the medial cost etc. As living standards are high in turn US medical expenses are very high here. Subsidies are reduced because of the inflation in US where normal people cant afford the high end medical
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