Government Of Roman Republic And Modern Government Essay

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Government of Roman Republic The government of Roman Republic was certainly a precursor of modern government. Social class played a vital role in the beginning of Republics. Whether a person was a wealthy patrician or common plebeian decided what role he can play in the government. Consuls stayed above Senate. Senate made decisions on spending, taxation and relationship with foreign powers. Last there was the Assembly, which continued to change the rules and rights. Roman society and its politics were quite patriarchal nature, suggesting that men were the one to rule. Roman citizens were classified into two classes: patricians (powerful nobility, land owning upper classes) and plebeians (most people, merchants, farmers, and artisans). Slaves were not based on race. The Roman Republic had a representative democracy. Citizens had the right to elect representatives who serve in the government and represent their interests. One important branch of the republic government was the Senate, assembly of elders. There were 300 members for life and patricians only. The Senate were appointed provincial governors. Their major responsibility included debate, recommend policy, ratify treaties, declare martial law and approve dictators (people in charge of the government for only six month). Only one man can be elected as a dictator over the republic. Another branch was the Consuls. The government of Roman Republic allowed two consuls at the same time, who were elected by the senate. The
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