Government Organizational Structure Paper

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In large organizations, such as the Government, managing organizational structure is certainly a challenge. The most recent change in administration with the Government has created leadership turnover within the executive branch and its associated cabinets. This change brings about a number of challenges within the various components of the Government. Problems can be found both within the structure of the organization itself as well as in the way leadership manages the structure. Considering the definition of organizational structure as "effective communication, effective coordination, speed/responsiveness to the customer, and empowerment," leadership is the key to organizational structure (Schoology, 2017, p. 3). Although the Government has well established missions, visions, and goals throughout its various components, leadership often fails to manage the organizational effectiveness, which supports the mission, vision, and goals established by the leadership. The leadership required to synchronize organizational structure with the mission, vision, and goals of the organization, in order to obtain organizational effectiveness, is often overcome by personal and political agendas, such as control, advancement, or pay. These agendas can be cancerous…show more content…
It cannot possibly make the entire organization perfect, but it can increase organizational effectiveness and decrease negative organizational outcomes overall. The questions I would add to the list of organizational problem solving is does the leadership lead in the interest of human capital? Do the organizational structure methods need to be reviewed or modified? By answering these two question, an organization can improve upon the organizational effectiveness which comes from human capital and identify necessary changes as a result of an evolving
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