Government Persuasive Essay

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In this paper, I will argue against government surveillance advocates. In recent years, many whistleblowers have come forward with information concerning government surveillance activities. These activities appear to be putting citizens’ right to privacy at risk, because of that, many have been trying to figure out the intent of such acts.
Bellow I will argue for my case, and provide some objections to my reasoning. After, I will show why these objections pose no threat to my argument.
I begin my case with these two premises:
The constitution is a tool use to protect citizens over governments’ abuse of power.
The 1st amendment permits us the freedom & privacy to beliefs; the 3rd, privacy of the home; 5th privilege against self-incrimination, which provides protection for the privacy of personal information; the 9th states that the “listing of certain rights” in the Bill of Rights “shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people.” We have ground to interpret the 9th amendment as saying that the Bill of Rights also protect other privacies that have yet been listed.
C1) Government surveillance is a violation of the constitution (follows from 2)
C2) Government surveillance violates citizens’ rights (2)
C3) The constitution ought to protect citizens from this negligence (1)
Now I will focus on the opposing camp, and provide a clear detail of their account. Some people are pro government surveillance, which is not at all surprising.
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