Government Policies And The Economy Of A Country

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The objective of this essay is to analyse the use of the government’s different policies to manage the economy of a country including all the different parties and industries involved. This essay is going to discuss the two main policies; Monetary and Fiscal, including their objectives, instruments and examples of implementations carried out. To begin with, macroeconomics analysis deals with the aggregate economic variables. It is concerned with the economy of the whole country and the measures the level and growth of aspects such as national income, employment, private and public spending and many others. It is very beneficial as it helps to study the economy in totality. Thus to analyse the behaviour and characteristics of an economy of…show more content…
It mainly depends on the exploration of land amongst the world. Regarding the size of the economy, researches has proven that USA is the world 's second-largest producer of gold, with an average consumption of 1.8 Oz per person This business is going to be liable to follow the legislations of the USA and will be affected by the decision taken by the government and the Federal Bank. Moving along, the government’s regulations and rules have a significant Impact on the gold mining sector. For example in the USA, as an average it takes 7 years to get the acceptances needed for a new mining business, this lengthy process delays many projects. This is mainly due to the numerous required approvals from the different stages of parliament. Recently, new mines are subject to write a lengthy environmental impact statement to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as well as the Clean Air Act which is concerned with the emissions and contaminants. Furthermore, there are several other Acts that focus on the environmental effects that may rise due to mining such as land degradations and water quality. The following section of the essay, reviews the literature of macroeconomics in respect of the fiscal and monetary policies, in relation to the gold mining industry. Review of Literature: Monetary Policy To begin with, the term monetary policy refers to what the central banks of each country, which is the Federal Reserve in the US nation, does to control the
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