Government Policies And The Targets Of The Policy

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Third Briefing State your idea. Identify the level of government that will adopt the policy and the targets of the policy. A carbon tax is a tax that is based on the amount of greenhouse emissions that are made from burning fossil fuels. The tax would either directly tax emissions or tax the fuels and chemicals that produce CO2 when they are burned. The carbon tax would be adopted by the federal government in an attempt to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon tax is an economic instrument that can be a cost effective way of greenhouse gas emissions. Which environmental issue(s) does this policy address? The carbon tax addresses the environmental issue of climate change. When CO2 is burned it creates greenhouse gas emissions and these gases collect in the atmosphere and cause climate change ( Carbon dioxide is one of the leading greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans, and by taxing this it could decrease the effects of climate change ( How will this practice address the issue(s) named in your response to Question 2? Using a carbon tax could lower greenhouse gas emissions because it could help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. One way that a carbon tax, can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by helping promote renewable energy. When the fuels that can cause climate change are taxed it will become very expensive for people to continue to use these fuels ( A carbon tax can encourage people
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