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National polls are an important tool used by political parties and news outlets to gauge how the public feels about current issues or political candidates. Only one month into his presidency, President Donald Trump is facing a lot of heat from the public, and that is very evident in the polls. Polls can be used for both good and evil. Some are used to promote agendas or favor towards certain politicians or policy, while others can be used to simply see where the public stands on current issues.
Currently, according to Gallup, polls are showing that President Donald Trump’s first month approval ratings are below average first month ratings by 21 points (Gallup). While the average approval number by the end of February is 61%, Trump’s numbers are at 40%. The last time approval ratings were this low within a president’s first month was in 1993, when Bill Clinton stepped into office. There are many reasons for our president’s low numbers, ranging
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One thing that I found odd while researching for this paper is the variety of poll results across a small selection of sources. For instance, CNN posted a poll update in late January, stating that our President’s job approval ratings were at an all-time low at 36%. Underneath the large heading and introductory statement, they mentioned that the information was gathered by one national poll that was provided by one university. Should the findings of one poll, given by one university, be published as if they represent all of the American population’s views? Personally, I do not feel the need to pay attention to polls when it comes to national politics. I am generally distrusting of the agendas that many news outlets support when it comes to national polls, even though I still believe that polls aren’t entirely unnecessary. I fully support the idea of giving the public a way to compare views and express personal
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