Government Prevention Policies

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Targeting population groups to improve health outcomes is an important aspect of public health. Understanding how best to ascertain results for both the individual and a group is important. Directly focusing on one approach alone has major advantages and disadvantages. Utilizing aspects from both a high-risk individual group along with a population approach often yields the best results. This is referred to as a middle path or a combination of approaches. When used correctly it promotes balance, diversity and moderation.

When looking at any public health initiative it is imperative that a targeted group of people are chosen. This can range from age and gender to body mass index. From there the targeted goal must be measured.

Shifting the focus to those who require the most … to change helps to shift the bell curve so that the number of people effected by illness and disease is decreased. uses a variable as a form of an adjustable measure and targets those who are more susceptible to develop the public health issue. In essence this allows the

change your focus and targets so that the shape of the bell curve changes, pushing more people into the upper section to the middle creating less people on one side and not moving anyone on the other. By doing this you are targeting both those who are at high risk along with those who are population based likely to…
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