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Government Proposal As the details of our proposal clearly demonstrate, this organization is more than capable of meeting the quality expectations and other standards laid out in the request for proposals and the accompanying documentation related to the project at hand. The technical documents enclosed in this proposal satisfy all of the specific listed needs of the contract, with included (and fully optional) recommendations for added benefits or improvements in areas where we believe we would be able to exceed the listed specifications for the project. The expertise of the personnel that our organization will be able to bring to the completion of this project is also substantial, and is a major component of our ability to submit this proposal with full confidence that the project needs are understood can be met in the manner described herein and with the timeline and budget figures as presented. Our past performance is an indicator of our ability to deliver projects as promised in initial proposals and should be taken into account when other seemingly more attractive proposals are offered by less proven or perhaps less trustworthy organizations. In short, we will be able to provide the required components of this project well within the budget and timeframe specified. There is very little risk of cost or time overruns if our organization is awarded this proposal, as the under-budget estimate we have provided is a carefully calculated and reaffirmed through the
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