Government Regulation Of The United States

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The government has always played a very strong role in the laws of the United States and in the lives of people who live in this country. At times in history, the government has been too strict on its people other times.These leaders have, however, failed to achieve a successful medium between these two treatments. The situation is similar to this one when dealing with most everything that the government has any type of control over. Although there are opposing sides which either argue for strict government regulation of the diets of its people or no government regulation at all, a middle ground should be explored and examined by the government itself regarding this topic. Nutrition in America is a very touchy and sensitive subject to talk…show more content…
The government seems, also, to cut off all of the things that they think are sources of the problem at once as well. There is, and never really has been, any balance in the system of the government when it comes to this type of issue. People come up with their own theory to make themselves feel like they are still in the right, the government recognizes that there is a problem, so it enters the situation without thinking out or planning for a legitimate solution to the problem; it places into and enforces rules and regulations that are possibly too strict for the people in the nation, and so the people turn the opposite way again. …[W]hen this happens, the cycle just starts over and keeps repeating itself throughout time, and this cycle does not help anyone in any way because the problem never really finds a resolution this way (Malanga). The view of these types of people who try to come up with and research their own theories to make themselves feel better about continuing what they are doing are on the “no government involvement” side of the argument about the regulation situation. The government’s view on this problem is mostly focused on trying to better the citizens who live in its designated country; this
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