Government Regulation of Illegal Logging and Deforestation Essay

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“The world’s rainforests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.” Says National Geographic. The world’s forests play and important role in providing everyday necessary benefits such as food, water, shelter, clothing, traditional medicine, and most importantly, they maintain an equilibrium in the world’s environment, which if drastically altered, can negatively affect its surroundings. The two main causes that contribute to the deterioration and or extinction of the world’s forests are deforestation and illegal logging. Deforestation is the eradication of vast forests without replacing the lost trees by simultaneously planting new ones. Not all deforestation is intentional. Deforestation can be…show more content…
In a scenario where heavy rains cause flooding on the soil, the toxic chemicals such as pesticides that were once either on the trees or in the crops, would meld into the water which eventually drains into a nearby river or water source. These toxic substances are not only harmful to animals that could end up consuming the water, but also to humans who intake the water, bathe in it, or use it for the irrigation of their crops. Erosion also strips the land of its top soil, which is known to be the most fertile layer of land. The stripping away of this layer, deprives the land of being able to regenerate itself, and eventually results in barren land and forest extinction. Moreover, soil erosion can also cause famine in communities of people, as well as in animals. According to the New York Times, “While the rate of the world's soil depletion is almost equal to that of its oil depletion, he said, the four major food-producing countries have done little to counter the projected long-term damage.” The world’s oil is depleting at a very fast pace and so it is shocking to imagine so much land being lost to erosion, drought, floods, and high winds every day. All of this, chained from the chopping down of vast forests. Soil erosion is also stopping the production of food and causing many people to starve. Farmers are going out of business and the availability of certain products also decreases. Subsequently, the erosion of topsoil, the most
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