Government Should Learn From This Failed Project

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8. The designed system had to be perfect because so many people were going to sign up for insurance who had never had insurance before or each taxpayer would face a share tax (penalty) for not having everyone in their household covered. (Heusser, et al.2013, para. 34) 9. Security was a major factor with the website; information was transmitted in plain text which could easily allow hackers to retrieve the information and commit fraud on a massive scale with false identification and sell the information on the Dark Web. (Heusser, et al.2013, para. 44) 10. The take away that the government should learn from this failed project is embracing Agile Methodology, test early and often, don’t let political pressure interfere with projects, and to…show more content…
(Holler et al., 2014, para. 2). 3. The Waterfall Methodology no longer works well in the complex development cycles for more robust applications that need to be phased development with regression testing along the way to make sure code updates did not break earlier code already tested and signed off as golden. (Holler et al., 2014, para. 5). 4. Using the Agile Methodology shortens project development time because the code is tested along the way in phased approaches often reducing project timelines by as much as 50 percent and as a benefit reduces help desk tickets supporting the application. (Holler et al., 2014, para. 6). 5. Regardless of the methodology used, if management is not on board, then the project will fail. With the Agile method, the code is produced in increments, tested, and verified for functionality and delivered to the client. (Holler et al., 2014, para. 9). 6. One of the biggest obstacles to the government adopting the Agile method is an outdated procurement practice. To address the outdated system, the U.S. Digital Services (USDS) created a playbook with 13 key processes that focus on the end-users’ perspective. (Holler et al., 2014, para. 11). 7. New processes put the tested beta product into the end user 's hands for testing and user acceptance testing much sooner and allow the development teams to address items on the
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