Government Spending On Economic Performance Essay

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Government spending and its influences on economic growth is a hotly debated issues among professionals. Policymakers are divided between whether an economy can expand or is stripped of its potential to grow as government spending increase. Spending on for example infrastructure and defense are constructive, many economists question that public spending has decreasing marginal benefits and lead to crowding out of the the private sector. Supporters of larger government spending claim that government programs offer valuable public goods such as education and infrastructure which would not work efficiently if they were privately owned. Furthermore, an argument advocates use is that in government spending can boost economic growth by putting money into people 's pockets. Proponents of smaller government have the opposite view. They argue that governments which are too big destabilize economic growth by not allocating resources to the most efficient user and take away from the productive sector of the economy to government. This paper evaluates the influence of government spending on economic performance. It examines the theoretical arguments, reviews evidence and highlights the latest academic research.

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