Government Spending Research Paper

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Is the government spending too much, too little, and on what should they be spending on? The answer to this question will be based on the financial figures reported by various government programs as well as the use of these monies. Various aspects of the annual budget along with the use of the appropriated monies can reveal the effectiveness of the many departments and programs of the federal government.
The federal government, as well as its various departments, are responsible for the success of the program it institutes. Departments such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture are two well-known departments for instituting programs that require a large portion of annual spending. Although the cost of operations of
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When the government spends like this, it creates skepticism and animosity among the citizens. This type of careless spending is a blatant misuse of funds. It is possible that these situations were misconstrued. In the case of the interceptor missile, someone may have felt as though the draft prototype was ready to be constructed and were wrong. It is also possible that ‘higher-ups’ were requesting constructed prototypes in a time frame that was not reasonable enough to create a functioning product. What can be done to remedy this type of spending? The government needs to set strict guidelines and procedures as to when and how the money will be spent. Although these measures, of some sort, may already be in place, no agency should be able to literally waste this amount of money. What if the measures are not enough? If the measures are not enough, then individuals who lead projects of such sort should face ramifications for the major waste of money, time, and effort. The question posed was, “Is the government spending too much, too little, and on what should they be spending on?” The government is spending too much money on the military and military-related projects. The government is spending too little on education. As stated, the federal government spends 7 times more on military than they do on education. That is possibly a factor for America ranking 14th in education out of forty countries. Evidence was presented that supports the idea that a lot of government money is being wasted, and only one executive department was investigated in this
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