Government Spending: What Can Be Done? Essay example

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As a taxpayer, I wonder where all my hard earned money is spent. My biggest concern is the expenditure on welfare, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror. I understand welfare can help those in need, that the war on drugs can prevent violence, and some may not view the spending wasteful. Although, these expenditures can be useful to an extent, I believe the spending should be decreased and monitored.

Some argue welfare is pertinent to all who receive aid and that it should not be limited. However, welfare has increased significantly over the years with no measurable decrease in the national poverty level. Welfare expenses have increased from “$445 per person […] in 1960” to “$13,061 per person” in 2012, which is an extremely large …show more content…

Those who use drugs will go through any outlet to get drugs, but some outlets sell stronger drugs or even drugs laced with poison and other substances that kill. Those arrested for drugs have increased from “50,000 in 1980” to “half a million today,” which is more than twenty percent of all the people in jail (Drug Policy Alliance). The United States government alone has spent almost fifteen billion dollars on the War on Drugs this year add in state expenditures that adds up to more than 50 billion dollars. Legalizing marijuana alone could “bring in $45 to $100 billion a year,” some economists say (Huffington Post). The legalization of drugs would bring about new jobs for the growing, selling, distribution, and quality control of drugs, which also would decrease the drug trafficking and decrease in death by accidental overdosing. Ending the war on drugs alone would save the United States fifty billion dollars a year. As George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Those who oppose me believe the War on Terror has been well worth the investment. I stand on the other side and believe that the war has not been very effective. Washington's Blog states that terrorism “has been skyrocketing since 2004,” instead of decreasing like the United States would hope. Along with the increase in terrorism the death toll was“estimated at 225,000” back in 2011, which I'm

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