Government Spying On You Without Permission

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Do you ever want the government spying on you without permission? This is what the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S) is doing to you because of an act that passed 45 days after the 9/11 attack. The Congress had to rush the act since they fear more attacks will happen, and was quickly passed without votes. In fact, homeland security is against our civil liberties (personal freedom). My partner and I believe that homeland security in the United States should be controlled by the government because it is against a lot of amendments in the Constitution, and popular sovereignty (citizen’s power).

On the other hand, my opponents might say homeland security sacrifices privacy for better protection and safety, but in my opinion it is cheating to go through records without any permission by a guardian or the court. In the United Kingdom, the government has a law called “Do not spy on us” which is using the parliament to stop power on spying citizen’s records, this is a great example to the U.S . It also recommend to have a secure internet for the U.K and to have transparent laws not secret laws. Also, my opponent might say homeland security is preventing acts of terrorism and improving their protection since the 9/11 attacks, but in my opinion, the D.H.S and other police departments are removing privacy from other citizens, many traffic
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According to Los Angeles Times in 2009, the U.S.A Patriot Act, which is part of homeland security, allows the F.B.I to search records without warrants which breaks citizens’ right for privacy, the amendment that broke is the 4th amendment which is searches and seizures. From the Washington Blog in September 23rd, 2013, they stated the government is spying on us through our computers, phones, cars, buses, and the streets, also the security departments use scanners and drones to spy on us everywhere in airports as
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