Government Subsidized Housing Research Essay

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Government Subsidized Housing Research The American dream is hard to find. In most cases, the dream includes a home. For many Americans who financially struggling to feed themselves, having a roof over their head is nearly an impossible task. As our government has progressed in the twentieth century, aid has been given to homeless families in the form of basic housing. Low income or subsidized housing has grown immensely I the past few years. The debate is whether subsidized housing is a free home or a free ride. The subsidized housing program should be used as assistance and not a crutch. Many say that you make out of life what you put into it. Homelessness to certain individuals is brought on by the homeless individual's…show more content…
In MaryBeth Shinn’s article, she quotes a researcher that says, “That as long as the number of families living in intolerable conditions exceeds the capacity of the shelter system, increases in shelter capacity will lead to increases in the size of the shelter (Shinn).” Shinn’s article goes on further by saying that families often have to choose between housing that is structurally adequate and housing that is affordable. Howard Husock came up with a great idea for solving the problem with subsidized housing and tenants that use the program too long. His idea is to have time limits on the amount of time that tenants can stay in public housing or use public housing vouchers. Husock states, “It (Time limits) would allow housing subsidies to be directed to those in most immediate need rather than simply going to persons already in the system.” In his article, startling facts and figures are given about the length of time tenants stay in assisted living. More than twenty-five percent of families have lived in their subsidized apartment for more than ten years. Forty-seven percent have lived in their apartment for more than five years (Weitzman). Imposing time limits would not allow the extended lengths of time that are currently given. Congressman Rick Lazio is proposing that tenants sign a form in which a date would be given as to their leaving of public housing. This signature would be an initiative for tenants to move
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